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Trail #1611 0 -- Bama is our hare!!
Aight yall. Pay attention. The post Thanksgiving, Holy Fuck I Ate Too Much, Fattest Fat Boy Trail brought to you by Bama. Shoal Creek Park, Decatur, on the white oak drive end. What to Bring: Turkey Day Leftover, $$ for Hash Cash, spare liver, spare pancreas, those sweatpants that are really stretchy, a virgin or two, your dog, your cat, your parakeet, body condom, a chair. This will be a fun little ditty, probably about 6 or 7 miles at least with no beer stops. Cause we all know that's how Bama Rolls.
Trail #1619: Hared by Double Suck (Green Dress is postponed)
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Upcumming Hashes
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