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Annual Joint Christmas Hash -- Breaststroke, Bullshit and Dribbles
Asspump McQueen, MenTaNite and (secret mystery co-hare) Little Willie
Listen up Dipshits! If you thought our last hash was awful, prepare yourself. This one is going to be the worst one EVER. We are commemorating the pre-memorial of Hasher Chuck Zegley AKA MenTaNite who will be leaving us the next weekend for DC (LAME!). One thing if for sure, if you make it you are getting piss yourself drunk. Trail might be dog friendly, we could get the cops called on us (again). public intoxication will not be optional. Meet at 3100 Mount Olive Dr, Decatur, GA 30033 at 2:PM not so sharp, depart at 2:30. Bring your friends, tell everyone you know. This is one event you'd be better off missing but shouldn't. I guess clean clothes or something is a good idea. On after at the brewery bus tour!
Black Rock Campout
Pinelake hashes with Black Sheep for the Black Rock Campout weekend.
Breaststroke Redo
Canada Day, eh? This a joint AH4 trail hared by Piggy's Bitch and Canadian Bacon
Chewy Balls & Long and Red
Is #17 COMMIE HASH -- даин брамаге анд ниплетс
Day of the Dead Hash hared by Dr. Crotch Rot -- Pinelake will join Atlanta
Start directions: Henderson Park, 2723 Henderson Rd, Tucker, GA 30084 Take I-285 Exit 37 for LaVista Rd. go to 4th traffic light and turn left on Chamblee tucker Rd. Go to second traffic light on Chamblee-Tucker Rd. and turn left again (Livsey Elementary School at corner). Down the road to stop sign - turn left into park and take road around to parking lot at base of tennis courts. Look for hashers stretching and getting ready to run...HAHAHAHA - or likely having a pre-lube beer.
Pinelake #1372-- F**keye & Always Comes First
Fort Yargo campout with Southern Comfort
Give a Rats Ass!
Come share your stories at George's at 7:00 p.m. Monday.
Green Dress Run hared by Double Suck and Swamp Guinea
This is an A to A prime trail. Authentic Irish people run this place, are extremely welcoming, and are mildly curious about seeing all of us in dresses! There will be a live band, and they invite crowd participation. Bring your best hash songs and Irish ditties!Some Green Dress Runs are all about the trail, some Green Dress Runs are all about being seen and *this* Green Dress Run is about Irish Pub! Some Green Dress Runs are all about the trail, some Green Dress Runs are all about being seen and *this* Green Dress Run is about Irish Pub! Trail will be a casual jaunt around Roswell with light shiggy and plenty of pudding/jello shots and door prizes for our lovely Green Dressed hounds. Come for the green pudding shots and stay for the kick-ass On-In! Hash cash is $10.
Halloween Home Crawl
Pinelake hashes with the spooky Atlanta Hash
Halloween Home Crawl
Pinelake Hash 1362 --- Shiggy Rat's B-day Hash...big ones that end in zero!
Shiggy and Rat's Ass birthday hash.
Little Willie and Hide the Salami
Start: Coralwood School Hare sez: Wet feet, shiggy, briars, RR tracks and covered ending. You know the drill! Meet up at 2, on out at 230. $8 gets you quality beer and food made in a lab
My Bloody Valentine (PH3 hashes with AH4)
Pinelake April 7: National Beer (and Beaver) Day Hash!
Peachtree Pub Crawl
PH3 #1552 End of Summer Hash
Pineake #1385-- Hide the Salami
Hey girl! It's International Women's Day!
Pinelake #1390-- Three Strokes and Yer Done! and Little Willy
Birthday Hash!
Pinelake #1402-- Abby Normal and Slippery When Wet "Fancy Hash"
Pinelake #1468-- Three Strokes
Pinelake will join Atlanta and Duff November 17
The start is Chestnut Elementary School 4576 North Peachtree Road Dunwoody, GA 30338. Note the earlier start time.
Pinelake #1387-- FOUNDER'S DAY
Pinelake #1371-- Long & Red
Pinelake #1373-- Lady Gag Gag
Pinelake #1376-- Oops and Pissticide
First Pinelake of 2014!
Pinelake #1382-- Bloody Valentine with Piggy's Bitch, Afterbirth, and Ass We Go
Pinelake #1383-- Always Cums First
Pinelake #1384-- F**keye
We need hares for the following dates: MARCH 15, May 17, May 24, May 31, June 14, June 21...
Pinelake #1386-- GREEN DRESS!
We need hares for the following dates: May 10, 17, 24, and June 14 & 21
Pinelake #1388-- Yassir Creamer & Davey Crochet
It's Yassir's 42nd birthday!
Pinelake #1391-- IS NUMBER 11 COMMIE HASH
Pinelake #1392-- Long and Red
Pinelake #1393-- (Pinelake Hashes with Atlanta) RED DRESS RUN!
Pinelake #1394-- Ass We Go aka Anderson Creeper
Hash before PROM FROM HELL
Pinelake #1395-- Abby Normal and Double Suck
Pinelake #1396-- Busted Cherry
Pinelake #1397-- Hash n' Crash @ Fort Yargo
JOINT HASH WITH CCROTCHHH! Your hares-- www.cum and Fistfully Conservative
Pinelake #1398-- Double Suck and Ram a Ho Pokin'
Pinelake #1398-- Double Suck and Ram a Ho Pokin'
Pinelake #1399 -- A$$ We Go and Anderson Creeper (Pool Ending)
Pinelake #1412-- Lake Hartwell Campout
Pinelake #1400-- Mismanagement/ UPDATED
Pinelake #1402 - Show Ur Anus
Pinelake #1403-- We run with the CCROTCH3
Pinelake #1405-- Breaststroke
Pinelake #1406-- Star Whore and Pot Pi
Graduation hash…let's get stupid.
Pinelake #1407-- Ass We Go
Pinelake #1408-- Smirnoff Trail, Sleaze Puppy, & Pissticide
Pinelake #1409-- Breast Stroke and Always Comes First
Pinelake #1410-- Lost Cause and Wise Cracker
Pinelake #1413-- "Stupid Shiggy Rat Trail!" Something about a birthday or two...
Birthday extravaganza and Shiggy's 600th PH3!
Pinelake #1415-- PRIDELAKE!
Tailgunner and Abby Normal
Pinelake #1414-- A "very well-intentioned, but not quite" The Cannonball Run II :-/
Star Whore and Little Willy
Pinelake #1416-- Breast Stroke
Hands on Atlanta Day!
Pinelake #1417-- Red Eye
Pinelake #1418-- Day of the Dead (Joint with Atlanta)
Wil U Suk
Pinelake #1419-- F**keye
Pinelake #1420-- Breast Stroke & Gayco
Craft Beer Hash. If you are on the Facebook group, please RSVP. The hares need an approximate head count for good and goodies!
Pinelake #1421-- Pissticide
Feeling a little stuffed after Thanksgiving? Hash Pinelake!
Pinelake #1422-- Wrong Jeremy and Semen Fest
The "Forget the farm! We're going to Lowe's!" Hash
Pinelake #1423-- Lawrence of a Labia

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