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Pinelake Hash #1364: Ass We Go and Double Suck
Hares are Ass We Go and Double Suck
Pinelake Hash #1365: Lake Hartwell Campout
Lake Hartwell Campout
Pinelake Hash #1366 - Davey Crochet and Star Whore
Pinelake Hash# 1367 - YMCGay and Lady Gag Gag
Pinelake Hash #1368 - Halloween Home Crawl
Pinelake Hash #1369 - Breaststroke
Pinelake Hash #1370- "Not Quite" Silverbacks Hash -- Yoron Weed and Lawrence of A'Labia
The Silverbacks are in the (Super) Soccer Bowl! Tickets are $30. You can still hash and not go to the game. Run around the park-- On-After at the match! Wear BLACK if you are going to the game!
Pinelake hashes with AH4 for Day of the Dead (2 weeks late)...
Pinelake Hash #1375 -Ass We Go
Pinelake Hash - Oct 31 - Knight Stalker at Greenbriar Mall
Pinelake hashes with Atlanta
This Week's Muckity Muck #1799 on September 12, 2015 In My Behind 100 something hashes Hash Info Time: Meet at 1:30pm, take off at 2:00pm Start: Walmart Supercenter Shopping Center & the map says Town Center Market Hares: In My Behind & Catch Her In The Rear Cost: $7 for ALL! Special Info From Hares: The back end ladies are back once again - CUM on out! BEST if dogs stay home END isn't DOG friendly. What to bring: Usual hash stuff – dry clothes, dry shoes, CHAIR, a song, EXTRA $, and a sense of humor... Directions to the Start: OTB Take 75 N to 575 then take FIRST Exit Barrett Parkway. Turn RIGHT then take your next left on to Chastain Meadows Parkway. Get over into the double turn lanes as soon as you exit onto Barrett Parkway turning LEFT at the Burger King. Go to the light and take a left – go to far side on right of Wally World near the Jerk food place!
Pinelake Hashes with Atlanta
Pinelake Hashes with Atlanta for AH4 #1700
Pinelake hashes with Atlanta for AH4 #1800
Pinelake joins Atlanta hared by Dawgie Style
Start info: Shamrock Plaza 3932 N Druid Hills Rd Decatur GA 30033 This will be a live trail with turkey/eagle option. And as always there will be a beer stop. We need a driver for the bags and beer. Park on the Lawrenceville Hwy side of parking lot. Trail is dog friendly if they can stand the heat. The On After will be at Los Bravos (2895 N Decatur Rd).
Pinelake joins Atlanta's Tutu (Feb. 2, get it?) Trail, hared by Double Suck
(Note Atlanta start time) Come be hoity toity in your tutus, like the good man says! Tutus are humbly requested but other outfits that demonstrate your hoity-toity-ness will be considered. It's a Double Suck trail, so expect shiggy (he'll be there, too)! You may even get wet feet, so bring your change of clothes, your formal tutu for the On-In, etc. Start is at the Vista Grove Plaza Shopping Center in the Oak Grove area. 2846 Lavista Rd, Decatur 30033 Despite the Pinelake-iness of your hare, we'll be meeting up at the Atlanta time, paying the Atlanta price, and drinking that Atlanta fine beer!
Pinelake 1497 - Knight Stalker
Pinelake #somethingsomething-- Lollicock Guild & Wrong Jeremy
Pinelake #1404-- F**keye Birthday Hash!
Pinelake's next trail: The Big Lebowski Hash, joined by Atlanta
Because every religion needs its high holidays, and no religion takes taking a break more seriously than Dudeism -- the dudes at the Church of the Latter Day Dude proclaim March 6th the Day of the Dude. This is the day that The Big Lebowski was bequeathed unto the world way back in the year of our Dude, 1998. As an officially ordained Dudeist priest I, BodyGlide, have the dude-y and pleasure to preside (and abide) over this year's celebration (albeit on the Saturday *after* the holy day). And is there any better way to celebrate than with a hash? So, be the dude that is inside you. Are you Bunny, Donny, The Jesus, Walter, Maude, a Nihelist, the Stranger or The Dude himself? Or do whatever you want to do because we really don't give a f*ck about the rules. In the spirit of takin' 'er easy, trail will be 3-ish miles and 1-2 on the shiggy scale. Two or three White Russian stops (bring cash an ID for one or two of them). Doggie friendly trail, but Fido won't be allowed inside. Semi covered ending. Bring the usual: dry shoes, lawn chair, bowling ball, rug to tie the hash together, etc.
Pissticide's Birthday Trail
Pre-Prom Hash hared by Busted Cherry
The hare promises a nice little jaunt south of East Atlanta to get you warmed up for Prom and with enough time to get prettified before it starts at 8:00p. If you want a shower in between without going home, Double Suck has one bathroom and two garden hoses nearby!
Pridelake Hash (or GA/FL)
Pridelake 2017 with double kneeling under the flag! **Changed start** **Changed Hare**
Pridelake Hash
Pridelake Hash with Tailgunner
Prom From Hell - Party Like the Rat Pack
Psychology Rush (Dr. Spud Dick) is haring a Zoom virtual Easter hash!
Pinelake will join Atlanta's Halloween Crawl hared by Lick Hole A and Snail Trail
Saturday! Saturday!
Pinelake's next trail is April 27. On April 20, AH4 is the only game in town.
Saturday! Saturday! Davey Crochet is our hare!
Saturday! Saturday! Davey Crochet will hare Pinelake #1629!
The start is behind the Studio Movie Grill @ 7730 North Point Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30022. There are walker options. Long / short options. Shiggy / non-shiggy options. Doggy / missionary options. Pandemic rules apply.
Saturday! Saturday! Joint trail celebrating Blacksheep's 800th hash
Saturday! Saturday! Our hares are Dr. Spud Dick and Double Suck
The start is the parking lot at 973 Sexton Dr, Stone Mountain, GA 30083. Pandemic rules apply, of course. Bring warm stuff. The start is near the Stone Mountain post office, 5181 W Mountain St, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
Saturday, Saturday! Pinelake joins Atlanta again for Erection Master Birthday trail hared by Head Nurse and In My Behind
Saturday! Saturday! Pinelake needs a hare!!!
Saturday! Saturday! Pissticide is haring Atlanta's trail.
Saturday, Saturday! Saturday! Dribbles Before He Shoots is our hare!
Saturday! Saturday! Shiggy and Pissticide are your hares!
3 Strokes and Ramahopoken this Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! The Stroke (that's the beer stop) and Poke (that's the shiggy) Trail
Bring shiggy socks/long pants, change of clothes, harbingers of Spring, Spring in your step, Spring-a-ling-a-ling, thirst for quality beer, reasons you miss 3 Strokes, reasons you love Ramaho, etc. Last two may just come to you after a couple beers. On after at Tucker Brewing (live music and food trucks Saturdays).
Saturday! Saturday! We're joining Atlanta to celebrate Pissticide's 69th birthday trail
(Note AH4 start time) Help our hare continue to celebrate the big 69th birthday occasion! Humans & pooches are cool. Bring the usual hash stuff. This includes dry shoes, dry clothes, camp chair, hash bag etc.
Saturday's hare is: Double Suck!!!
Shiggy, ably assisted by Banana Licker, is haring a trail in September!!!
[CHANGED INFO] Breaststroke
Shiggy & Rat's Ass
We're staying out of the Chatta-"Poo"-Chee and the potential thunder shower and pub crawling instead!
May the Fourth be with you
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far way....
Table Rock Campout with Black Sheep (hare?)
The Prom From Hell
Yo Yo Yo! We're Getting’ Shiggy Wit It on Saturday, June 1st, 8pm to 11pm at HodgePodge Coffeehouse on Moreland Avenue. It’s that time of year again to drag out your old Prom bling or go pop some tags at the Goodwill. Our very own hash band, Brewery Road is providing the spin. $20 per person advance, $25 at the door. Food, beer, wine and music. Where can you get all that for 20 bucks AND get jiggy with Shiggy?
Trail #1611 0 -- Bama is our hare!!
Aight yall. Pay attention. The post Thanksgiving, Holy Fuck I Ate Too Much, Fattest Fat Boy Trail brought to you by Bama. Shoal Creek Park, Decatur, on the white oak drive end. What to Bring: Turkey Day Leftover, $$ for Hash Cash, spare liver, spare pancreas, those sweatpants that are really stretchy, a virgin or two, your dog, your cat, your parakeet, body condom, a chair. This will be a fun little ditty, probably about 6 or 7 miles at least with no beer stops. Cause we all know that's how Bama Rolls.
Trail #1619: Hared by Double Suck (Green Dress is postponed)
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