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Pinelake #1483-- GREEN DRESS

** Green dress required...or at least a feeble attempt at the wearin' o' the green! **

Pinelake #1483-- GREEN DRESS - Read More…

Pinelake #1499-- Brunching Numbers Hash

Brunch BEFORE the big #1500 festivities! Joint hash with POSH...this is BEFORE the #1500! NOTE EXTRA EARLY START TIME!

Pinelake #1499-- Brunching Numbers Hash - Read More…

Pinelake #1500 Celebration!

Awesome Giveaways, Good Food, and Good Times! Breast Stroke and Shiggy Pitts are your hares...

Pinelake #1500 Celebration! - Read More…

Pinelake #1523- Rat's Ass & Shiggy Pitts

**Sorry for the crappy graphics, etc. I'm posting this from my phone...**

Pinelake #1523- Rat's Ass & Shiggy Pitts - Read More…

Pinelake #1526 (?) Breaststroke New Years Eve

Sorry for "not so cute" post...just saw update and I'm on my phone (SW)

Pinelake #1526 (?) Breaststroke New Years Eve - Read More…

Pinelake #1546 - Double Suck

Start: Virgin hash start CVS Ansley 1544 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30324 Hootenanny afterward. Bring your virgins for a sweet little intown trail and your pot luck side dish and musical talent and/or appreciation for the on after.

Pinelake #1546 - Double Suck - Read More…

PH3 and AH4 20th Anniversary Christmas Hash!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!! For the 20th Anniversary, we will have 2 giveaways along with the usual beer and reindeer piss stops and food at the end, all for a paltry $10

PH3 and AH4 20th Anniversary Christmas Hash! - Read More…

Pinelake Hash #1370- "Not Quite" Silverbacks Hash -- Yoron Weed and Lawrence of A'Labia

The Silverbacks are in the (Super) Soccer Bowl! Tickets are $30. You can still hash and not go to the game. Run around the park-- On-After at the match! Wear BLACK if you are going to the game!

Pinelake Hash #1370- "Not Quite" Silverbacks Hash -- Yoron Weed and Lawrence of A'Labia - Read More…

Pinelake hashes with Atlanta

This Week's Muckity Muck #1799 on September 12, 2015 In My Behind 100 something hashes Hash Info Time: Meet at 1:30pm, take off at 2:00pm Start: Walmart Supercenter Shopping Center & the map says Town Center Market Hares: In My Behind & Catch Her In The Rear Cost: $7 for ALL! Special Info From Hares: The back end ladies are back once again - CUM on out! BEST if dogs stay home END isn't DOG friendly. What to bring: Usual hash stuff – dry clothes, dry shoes, CHAIR, a song, EXTRA $, and a sense of humor... Directions to the Start: OTB Take 75 N to 575 then take FIRST Exit Barrett Parkway. Turn RIGHT then take your next left on to Chastain Meadows Parkway. Get over into the double turn lanes as soon as you exit onto Barrett Parkway turning LEFT at the Burger King. Go to the light and take a left – go to far side on right of Wally World near the Jerk food place!

Pinelake hashes with Atlanta - Read More…

Pinelake joins Atlanta hared by Dawgie Style

Start info: Shamrock Plaza 3932 N Druid Hills Rd Decatur GA 30033 This will be a live trail with turkey/eagle option. And as always there will be a beer stop. We need a driver for the bags and beer. Park on the Lawrenceville Hwy side of parking lot. Trail is dog friendly if they can stand the heat. The On After will be at Los Bravos (2895 N Decatur Rd).

Pinelake joins Atlanta hared by Dawgie Style - Read More…

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