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Is Commie Day! 30 April - Dain and ChinChin!
It's Big Bore and Body Glide's Octoberfest hash!!!
It's Christmas! Bullshit, Dribbles and a secret mystery Rats Ass stand-in are our hares.
Ho Ho Ho Boys and Girls! It’s time for our anal Christmas Hash with Dribbles, Bullshit and a not-so-Mystery Rat’s Ass Stand-In! Unfortunately, Santa Cause will be Lost this year, and our beloved After-photo-birth won’t make it, but BS has volunteered to loan us his Blow-Up Doll – er, Blow-Up Santa – for Selfies to keep the Spirits of the Season. The hares did visit Santa and received some most excellent Special Gifts to spread to all the good little hashers…wait, there aren’t any of those… well, those gifts will make up for the lumps of coal you all are getting for Christmas. The hares have received special f---ing instructions from f---ing Tom Cruise on how to make this f---ing Covid-unfriendly, so it’s BYOB for the ending. The hares are asking for $5 which gets you the Santa Gifts, plenty of fresh, hot Reindeer Piss straight from Rudolph’s ass, sanitized beer stops, and grab-your-own food at an outdoor ending spot with plenty of room to distance yourself from Coffee Bean and all those other damn mask-averse Republicans. The hares are going to try to provide a little heat here and there for quick warm ups, but it may be chilly so wear your warmest tacky Christmas gear and prepare to jump around a little like an elf on a pogo stick. PineLake start-time so gather at 2pm at Murphy Candler Park at the pool parking lot on Candler Lake West NE Drive on the east side of the road if you’re facing north or south. The trail is A to A. ON HO ON!!
It's coronavirus time, and Pinelake is in hiatus until at least April 18, maybe more
All Atlanta hashes agreed to shut down for a month.
It's Easter Saturday and Two Limp is our hare!
It's Little Willie and his secret mystery co-hare!
It's Okie Pokie and Shiggy!
The start is the parking lot at 91 Oxbo Road in Roswell. This serves the Vickery Creek Area of the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area. It's BYOB, and thus free. Your feet will stay dry. Bring the standard stuff including warm clothes.
It's Pinelake's Billionth Green Dress Hash!!!
It's Sanitary Not!!!
Sani's trail starts at the HighCard Brewery, behind Local 7 in Tucker, 2316 Main Street, Tucker 30084. We'll end at a brewery so bring money for beer, and food if you want it, which is available from multiple nearby places. Trail is 3-4 miles with a beer stop and is road and woods. IMPORTANT: Sani says the brewmaster has done 6 hashes in ATL and you know what that means. Bring the usual stuff but we will end in the brewery so you don't need a chair.
It's September, and . . . Shiggy (with secret mystery hares Pissticide and Golden Knowledge) is haring a trail!
It's Swamp Guinea's romp through Cabbagetown!
Today: It's the Day of the Dude hared by Body Glide, Garden Ho, Kitty Kitty Gang Bang and Mango Boy with possible cameo appearance from Spawn of Satan!
It's the Halloween Home Crawl joint trail! Hared by Dawgy and hasher goblins
Meet at 1:30, off at 2:00 (or so). The cost is $15.00 for beer, pizza and orange food. Special info from hares: Costumes required. Best costume wins a coveted prize. This is a no running hash. We will be walking (crawling) between all ~5-6 stops. Cool dogs/dawgs? on leashes are good. What to bring: Bring the usual hash stuff. This includes dry shoes, dry clothes, camp chair, hash bag, etc.
It's the Pinelake Christmas Hash, hared by Breaststroke, Dribbles and Bullshit
It's the Pridelake Hash House Hooligans, starring Double Suck, Star Whore and Royal Fuck
The cost is $2, and bring money for "at least two extra credit beer stops. Park (for free) in the CODA Parking Garage. From head to toe, dress in one of the colors of the Pride flag: Red = life; Orange = healing; Yellow = sunlight; Green - nature; Indigo/Bllue = serenity; Violet/Purple = Spirit. (Note: 1. Atlanta United's "rival" is Orlando, so you might get some looks if you dress in purple. 2. You can also wear your Atlanta United gear, or your hash colors -- Rule 6, you know.)
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Knight Stalker - Brewery (Br)(L)unch
Pinelake brings you another popular morning hash. Trail will be considerably shorter than Knight Stalker's last trail. Note the early start time!! It will be sunny with zero chance of rain! Come drink at circle and then walk over to the brewery next door (okay this is a tip off as to where the trail will end) for food and beer. Never before hashed ending! Limited brunch menu but plenty of other options. Live trail as usual. Meet: 10 AM On out: 10:30 AM
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Lick-Hole-Ah & Ramaho-Poken are haring the 2nd ever BRUNCHLAKE H3!!!
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Little Willie and Hide the Salami
Start: Coralwood School Hare sez: Wet feet, shiggy, briars, RR tracks and covered ending. You know the drill! Meet up at 2, on out at 230. $8 gets you quality beer and food made in a lab
Little Willie's 500th trail by Star Whore and Royal Fuck
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My Bloody Valentine (PH3 hashes with AH4)
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Pinelake April 7: National Beer (and Beaver) Day Hash!
Hash: #1603 - Hared by Friar F*ck
Next up: Squid Dick's "less than four miles" trail!!!
Squid Dick says, "There's a covered ending in case it rains. Hot dogs may be provided (need to check my inventory). Special instructions: Bring dry shoes (duh) . . . and a flashlight wouldn't be a bad idea ;). And for what it's worth, trail will be less than 4 miles long. I can't say it will be an easy four miles, though!"
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October 22, 2022 GASH (Greater ATL Society of Hashers) Celebration of Life for Tripod!
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Peachtree Pub Crawl
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PH3 #1552 End of Summer Hash
PH3 #1568: Banana Licker's Survivor Hash!!!
PH3 #1633 - Nov 14
PH3 #1645: It's Commie Day! Hared by Davey Crochet!
PH3 #1682 - It's Busted Cherry's BYOBoat Hash!
Three days of hashing in Red Top Mtn State Park Pioneer Campground! To get there: I75 to Exit 285 Follow signs for Red Top Mtn State Park. 2.6 mi later sharp left onto Webster Ferry Landing. .5 miles, turn left on dirt road and follow it until you see the lake.
PH3 Saturday! Saturday! It's Bubba Gump!
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