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Hashes & Events

Site Events
Lick-Hole-Ah & Ramaho-Poken are haring the 2nd ever BRUNCHLAKE H3!!!
Little Willie and Hide the Salami
Start: Coralwood School Hare sez: Wet feet, shiggy, briars, RR tracks and covered ending. You know the drill! Meet up at 2, on out at 230. $8 gets you quality beer and food made in a lab
My Bloody Valentine (PH3 hashes with AH4)
Pinelake April 7: National Beer (and Beaver) Day Hash!
Hash: #1603 - Hared by Friar F*ck
Next up: Squid Dick's "less than four miles" trail!!!
Squid Dick says, "There's a covered ending in case it rains. Hot dogs may be provided (need to check my inventory). Special instructions: Bring dry shoes (duh) . . . and a flashlight wouldn't be a bad idea ;). And for what it's worth, trail will be less than 4 miles long. I can't say it will be an easy four miles, though!"
Peachtree Pub Crawl
PH3 #1552 End of Summer Hash
PH3 #1633 - Nov 14
Pi Day Hash with Atlanta (not Pi-nelake)
Pineake #1385-- Hide the Salami
Hey girl! It's International Women's Day!
Pinelake #1390-- Three Strokes and Yer Done! and Little Willy
Birthday Hash!
Pinelake #1402-- Abby Normal and Slippery When Wet "Fancy Hash"
Pinelake #1468-- Three Strokes
Pinelake will join Atlanta and Duff November 17
The start is Chestnut Elementary School 4576 North Peachtree Road Dunwoody, GA 30338. Note the earlier start time.
Pinelake #1387-- FOUNDER'S DAY
Pinelake #1371-- Long & Red
Pinelake #1373-- Lady Gag Gag
Pinelake #1376-- Oops and Pissticide
First Pinelake of 2014!
Pinelake #1382-- Bloody Valentine with Piggy's Bitch, Afterbirth, and Ass We Go
Pinelake #1383-- Always Cums First
Pinelake #1384-- F**keye
We need hares for the following dates: MARCH 15, May 17, May 24, May 31, June 14, June 21...
Pinelake #1386-- GREEN DRESS!
We need hares for the following dates: May 10, 17, 24, and June 14 & 21
Pinelake #1388-- Yassir Creamer & Davey Crochet
It's Yassir's 42nd birthday!
Pinelake #1391-- IS NUMBER 11 COMMIE HASH
Pinelake #1392-- Long and Red
Pinelake #1393-- (Pinelake Hashes with Atlanta) RED DRESS RUN!
Pinelake #1394-- Ass We Go aka Anderson Creeper
Hash before PROM FROM HELL
Pinelake #1395-- Abby Normal and Double Suck
Pinelake #1396-- Busted Cherry
Pinelake #1397-- Hash n' Crash @ Fort Yargo
JOINT HASH WITH CCROTCHHH! Your hares-- www.cum and Fistfully Conservative
Pinelake #1398-- Double Suck and Ram a Ho Pokin'
Pinelake #1398-- Double Suck and Ram a Ho Pokin'
Pinelake #1399 -- A$$ We Go and Anderson Creeper (Pool Ending)
Pinelake #1412-- Lake Hartwell Campout
Pinelake #1400-- Mismanagement/ UPDATED
Pinelake #1402 - Show Ur Anus
Pinelake #1403-- We run with the CCROTCH3
Pinelake #1405-- Breaststroke
Pinelake #1406-- Star Whore and Pot Pi
Graduation hash…let's get stupid.
Pinelake #1407-- Ass We Go
Pinelake #1408-- Smirnoff Trail, Sleaze Puppy, & Pissticide
Pinelake #1409-- Breast Stroke and Always Comes First
Pinelake #1410-- Lost Cause and Wise Cracker
Pinelake #1413-- "Stupid Shiggy Rat Trail!" Something about a birthday or two...
Birthday extravaganza and Shiggy's 600th PH3!
Pinelake #1415-- PRIDELAKE!
Tailgunner and Abby Normal
Pinelake #1414-- A "very well-intentioned, but not quite" The Cannonball Run II :-/
Star Whore and Little Willy
Pinelake #1416-- Breast Stroke
Hands on Atlanta Day!
Pinelake #1417-- Red Eye
Pinelake #1418-- Day of the Dead (Joint with Atlanta)
Wil U Suk
Pinelake #1419-- F**keye
Pinelake #1420-- Breast Stroke & Gayco
Craft Beer Hash. If you are on the Facebook group, please RSVP. The hares need an approximate head count for good and goodies!
Pinelake #1421-- Pissticide
Feeling a little stuffed after Thanksgiving? Hash Pinelake!
Pinelake #1422-- Wrong Jeremy and Semen Fest
The "Forget the farm! We're going to Lowe's!" Hash
Pinelake #1423-- Lawrence of a Labia
Pinelake #1424-- Christmas Hash!
Pinelake #1425-- Star Whore & F**keye
Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos...Three Kings Day!
Pinelake #1425-- Three Strokes and Yer Done!
Pinelake #1426-- Double Suck
Pinelake #1427-- Little Pucker, One Ball, & Snail Trail
Pinelake #1428-- Hot Pocket & Slippery When Wet
Pinelake #1429-- Spread Eagle and Pissticide
Pinelake #1430-- Icing on the C*ck
Pinelake #1431-- Pissticide BIRTHDAY HASH!
Cakes, candles, beer, trail...
Pinelake #1432-- Wet Dreams
Birthday hash!
Pinelake #1433-- Long & Red and Ram-a-Ho
Pinelake #1434-- Green Dress/ Pi Day
Get some pi
Pinelake #1435 -- FOUNDER'S DAY (Shiggy & the Ol' Timers) START CORRECTION!
Come see the old farts show up and complain about how much better hashing was in the old days. PLEASE NOTE-- HEAVY TRAFFIC AT I-20 and I-285! Plan accordingly!
Pinelake #1436-- A Royal Secret...
You're not camping and freezing your arse come hash intown!
Pinelake #1437-- Silverbacks Hash House Hooligans!
Star Whore and Lawrence of a Labia
Pinelake #1438-- Breaststroke
Pinelake #1439-- Lick Hole Ah
Pinelake #1440-- Ass We Go (We hash with Atlanta)
Ass We Kroger-- hash before PROM FROM HELL! PROM FROM HELL will be held at Second Self Brewery!
Pinelake #1441-- Commie Hash
Nyeplets and Dain Bramage and the Ghost of Elvis
Pinelake #1442-- Breaststroke
Mama's Day
Red Dress Run-- Here I Cum to Shave the Vajay, Breaststroke, and Double Rub Her
and Shave the Vajay's May Birthday Soiree-- NOTE THE EARLY START TIME!!!
Pinelake #1444-- Touching Cotton
Pinelake #1445-- Ft. Yargo Campout (maybe a CCROTCHHH appearance?)
Pinelake #1445-- Ft. Yargo Campout w/ SoCo and CCROTCHHH
Your Pinelake Hare-- www.cum
Pinelake #1446-- Hide the Salami
Pinelake #1446-- Hide the Salami...School's Out Hash!
Pinelake #1447-- F*ckeye
Pinelake #1448-- Red Ball Corner Pocket and Just Nick
Pinelake #1449-- Star Whore and Rat's Ass
Pinelake Hashes with Atlanta for an event that is NOT AH4 Founder's Day
30 years of hashing with Dawgy, Killer Bee, and Dry Hole
Pinelake #1450-- Anniversary Hash!
Pinelake #1451-- Semen Fest
Pinelake #1452-- Niplets, The Laziest Hare
Pinelake #1453-- Breaststroke
Pinelake #1454-- Davey Crochet!
Pinelake #1455-- Hash for Royal Support!
Pool ending!
Pinelake #1456-- Super Secret Super Hares Revealed!
Pinelake #1457-- Shiggy's Birthday Hash! Shiggy & Rat's Ass
Pinelake #1459-- Beer B!tch and Stupid Is As Stupid Does
Pinelake #1460-- Ratoberfest! and Combo Birthday Hash (PH3 & AH4)
Egg Beater's & Rat's Ass' Birthday Hash
Pinelake #1463-- Lake Hartwell Camp Out
Pinelake #1465-- Shiggy Pitts and Davey Crochet
Pinelake #1466-- Schlong Suit and Docking Station
Pinelake #1469-- Craft Beer Hash!
Knight Stalker and Breaststroke
Pinelake #1467 -- Lick-Hole-Ah and Breaststroke

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