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Black Rock Campout
Pinelake hashes with Black Sheep for the Black Rock Campout weekend.
Breaststroke Redo
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Canada Day, eh? This a joint AH4 trail hared by Piggy's Bitch and Canadian Bacon
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Cheddarhead!!! The tradition lives on!!! BSH3 is our host/organizer.
A BSH3 Trail January 1, 2020 Cheddarhead #31 (Less cheddar, More head) Hash Info Time: Meet at 12:00 leave at 12:30 Start: Bowlero Marietta – 2749 Delk Road Marietta, GA 30067 Cost: $5- no exceptions - for 2 beer stops and food at the end. We are ending at a brewery. You pay for your own beers at the end. Bowl afterward. Organize your own lanes and payment. There will be both a run and bike option. Please rego so we can approximate amount of food and beer. What to bring: Bring the usual hash stuff. This includes headlamp, dry shoes, dry clothes, hash bag, money for beer at the end, etc... Bring a $5 for registration. Special Instructions: Not really a cheddarhead. Several kennels are working together to help get rid of your hangover with trail, song, food, and beer. We will also be celebrating our mutual disdain for dietary fiber.
Chewy Balls & Long and Red
Christmas Hash
There will be Santa! There will be photos with Santa! There will be reindeer piss. There will be beer and orange food. Wear your best Christmas attire. The start is the Cambridge Shopping Center, 2036 Johnson Ferry Road 30319. The cost is $8.00. Note Pinelake start time.
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Is #17 COMMIE HASH -- даин брамаге анд ниплетс
Davey Crochet and Choo Choo are haring Pinelake #1625
Day of the Dead Hash hared by Dr. Crotch Rot -- Pinelake will join Atlanta
Start directions: Henderson Park, 2723 Henderson Rd, Tucker, GA 30084 Take I-285 Exit 37 for LaVista Rd. go to 4th traffic light and turn left on Chamblee tucker Rd. Go to second traffic light on Chamblee-Tucker Rd. and turn left again (Livsey Elementary School at corner). Down the road to stop sign - turn left into park and take road around to parking lot at base of tennis courts. Look for hashers stretching and getting ready to run...HAHAHAHA - or likely having a pre-lube beer.
Day of the Dude Hash 2020
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Dribbles is our hare! It's Georgia Beer Day!
Saturday, Saturday it’s Georgia Beer Day! What’s that mean?? Dribbles is actually laying trail ITP including pre-lubing at Bold Monk and on-after TBD. So come on out for a fun time! The start is Maddox Park, 1115 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy NW, Atlanta, GA 30318. Pandemic rules apply, BYOB, etc. Parking note- the lot directly in front is smallish so you may need to park on the North Avenue portion of the park.
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Erector Sex is haring Pinelake #1623
Saturday! Saturday! Our hare says the following: For those that want a trail without a crowd, there is a large parking lot with plenty of space to roam aimlessly. If you want to take your chances with other half minds, meet up at 2, on out at 230. Trail should be somewhere between 3-15 miles (depends on who you follow). Bring masks, sanitizer (you may need rubbing alcohol anyways because i don't pay attention to the ivy), self- and others- respect, WATER, your own beer/ food made in a lab, air kisses, 6 foot poles for tipsy close-talkers, all the modern makings of a good time. Don't bring: yourself (during regular hash time), IF you feel sick, feverish, have been exposed to someone who has, or are immune-compromised. On after will most likely be at Monterey Mexican as they are open to dine-in including the open and spacious patio, and they require proper distance between tables.
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Pinelake #1372-- F**keye & Always Comes First
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Fort Yargo campout with Southern Comfort
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Fresh Fish is haring our Christmas Day Hash!
Meet at the hare's house, 2967 Hollywood Dr, Decatur 30033, at 2pm, off around 2:30 or so. She will order Pyng Ho take-out (tell her your favorite Chinese food at the start). They open at 5pm so we probably will eat around 6pm. Bring your usual change of clothes, shoes and socks. Circle will likely be outside at the fire pit and we can watch movies indoor later. Christmas apparel and cheer appreciated! Dogs welcome. The hare says, "I don't know any other details yet; ask someone who knows what they're doing like Double Suck."
Fresh Fish is our hare!!!
The start is at North DeKalb Mall, near Bank of America: 2052 Lawrenceville Hwy, Decatur, GA 30033. It's going to be sunny, high in the mid-50s, with "zero chance of rain." Gather at 2:00, on out at 2:30. Bring warm clothes and $8.00 for our famous upscale imported beer and orange food. Note that our hare has pointed out the eating Fresh Fish is good for your health.
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Georgia Beer Day Hash with Dribbles
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Give a Rats Ass!
Come share your stories at George's at 7:00 p.m. Monday.
Green Dress Run hared by Double Suck and Swamp Guinea
This is an A to A prime trail. Authentic Irish people run this place, are extremely welcoming, and are mildly curious about seeing all of us in dresses! There will be a live band, and they invite crowd participation. Bring your best hash songs and Irish ditties!Some Green Dress Runs are all about the trail, some Green Dress Runs are all about being seen and *this* Green Dress Run is about Irish Pub! Some Green Dress Runs are all about the trail, some Green Dress Runs are all about being seen and *this* Green Dress Run is about Irish Pub! Trail will be a casual jaunt around Roswell with light shiggy and plenty of pudding/jello shots and door prizes for our lovely Green Dressed hounds. Come for the green pudding shots and stay for the kick-ass On-In! Hash cash is $10.
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PH3: Half Monkey is celebrating becoming a U.S. citizen!
Halloween Home Crawl
Pinelake hashes with the spooky Atlanta Hash
Halloween Home Crawl
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Pinelake Hash 1362 --- Shiggy Rat's B-day Hash...big ones that end in zero!
Shiggy and Rat's Ass birthday hash.

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