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#1376-- Oops! and Pissticide
First hash of 2014!
#1376-- Oops! and Pissticide
#1376-- Oops! and Pissticide
#1376-- Oops! and Pissticide
#1377-- Friar F**k
#1378-- OPEN
#1378-- Pippi Long C**king and Lick Hole Ah/ NEW START
#1379-- Redneck Mutha
#1380-- Swamp Guinea
#1381-- Three Strokes and You're Done
Pinelake #1389-- Breaststroke
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#1531 Bloody Valentine: Asswego & Piggy's Bitch
#1532: mystery hare
#1533 Half Monkey and secret co-hare
#1534 Black Sheep Founders Day: Surly Temple and Butt Pipe
#1535 Green Dress: Doublesuck & BreastStroke
#1536 Breach My Piece & Hot Pocket
#1537 Lick Hole A
Start: DFCS Office 178 Sams Street Decatur, GA 30030
#1538 Breaststroke's 3rd Annual Oyster Feast
#1539 Oops!
#1540 Commie Day #15: Dain Bramage, Nipplets & Chin Chin Chiller
#1542 - AH4's Red Dress Run - Lady Gag Gag, Beer Bitch & Max Ass
#1544 - Shiggy Pitts and Secret Mystery Co-Hare (Butt Floss)
#1547 - Hung Jury, Lady Gag Gag and Secret Mystery Co-Hare
#1565 - BAMA's Nature Hash
Start: Cherokee Bluffs Park, 5867 Blackjack Rd, Flowery Branch, Georgia 30542. BAMA says: OK you bunch of Half-Minds. The weather has finally turned off sufficiently decent and I hauled my big ass up off the couch and decided to go scout where I am going to lay this shitty trail. It's a little off of the beaten path, but I think it's worth it. One thing is for sure, when you leave the parking lot, your precious little footsies will not touch asphalt, concrete, or any other paved surface. This trail has a little of bit of everything, hills, bluffs, creeks, even an auto hash for the last leg of the trip to ON-IN. What more could you want? This trail would also be a great trail to bring a virgin and get them introduced to hashing. Special Notes: 1. This trail will be dog friendly (meaning that they are allowed in the park on a leash). 2. Trail will be 3ish miles and will include steep grades, creek crossings (ankleish deep), and probably some log crossings over some other ditches and creeks. 3. There will be a decent number of muggles there, but I imagine I can miss most of those. 4. ON-IN will be at the Casa de Bama. 5. There will be southwestern themed food for you to eat there (which is my way of saying taco/burrito bar). Also, if you are a non meat eater, PM me so I can make sure to have things available that never had a pulse. 6. I may or may not get you wet on trail, so bring some dry stuff to wear after trail. 7. There will be fire available for closing circle and your pyrotechnic desires once circle is finished. 8. There will also probably be flippy cup and maybe even 3 man available after circle as well. If you don't know what either of those are, you should probably get out and travel hash more :-) 9. There will definitely be good bourbon at ON-IN. 10. There is limited crash space available, should you not wish to drive back home, or if you just get a little to swasted. Other than that, nothing special to note. See you half minds Saturday
#1566 - Pissticide (hare) and Shiggy (flour bitch)
#1567 - Chin Chin Chiller and Dr. Bombadier
Start at the Kroger on Glenwood -- 800 Glenwood Ave. SE 30316, No special instructions. Bring dry clothes, a chair, etc. Trail ends at a home.
#1568 - Body Glide's Lebowski trail
#1569 - Green Dress Run!
Watch this space!
#1572 - Friar Fuck
#1573 - POSTPONED #16 COMMIE HASH Dаiи Bяamaбe & йetplets
#1574 - Pissticide and secret mystery co-hare
#1575 Phuck Eye at Ft. Yargo campout: SoCo Friday, PH3 & Wheelhopper Saturday, BS nearby Sunday
Breaststroke will hare our Pinelake Saturday trail. Here's a map to the Ft. Yargo start:
#1576 - Commie Day Hash, hared by Dain Bramage and Niplets
Saturday! Saturday! Wear red shirt, get potato, maybe have Stolichnaya stop. Covered ending (in case of weather). Special instructions: 1. Bring a flashlight. 2. At the start, in the WalMart parking lot, park in the side nearest the mountain.
#1576: TBA
Watch this space!
#1577 - B.A.M.A and Short Stump -- Flowery Branch!
Flowery Branch Target store,5865 Spout Springs Rd, Flowery Branch, GA 30542 . Park in front corner of Target parking lot. Bring standard stuff -- dry clothes, chair, water. Special instructions: Trail is not doggie friendly. Bring a flashlight (gulp).
#1577: Davey Crochet takes Pinelake to Dawson Forest!
Special instructions: You can camp Friday night or Saturday night or both although there are no services at all (no water or power or trash! but there is a port-a-potty). *Expect a longer trail* 6-7 miles maybe and be advised there are no roads where we can reach you and cell coverage can be spotty! Which will be part of the fun, right? Right? This is the City of Atlanta tract, not Wildcat - where they tested nuclear aircraft (look it up). Parking is free unless you are biking which is another option -- there are 10-15 miles worth of trails you can bike plus some closed roads too. If you are biking you must get a permit which is $7 (bring cash or check plus a pen to fill out the form thingy) when you park. Bring *bug spray* and *water* - it is hot and HUMID out there. Beer stop will be scenic! Directions from Hwy 400: Take Hwy 400 North to the Dawsonville Outlet mall Red Light. Turn Left (West) if traveling North onto Dawson Forest Road. Continue straight for approximately 3.8 miles until the intersection/stop sign. Proceed straight through intersection for approximately 1 mile to South entrance gate. Proceed through gate and Parking Area/Trailhead will be just ahead on the right.
#1578 - Pinelake joins Atlanta to celebrate Erection Master's birthday
Pool ending. AH4 time.
#1580 - Breaststroke
PH3/AH4 Joint trail. NOTE: Pinelake Start Time!! The rain gods have answered Breaststroke's prayers and said they'll maybe kinda sorta drop a little spot or two maybe here and there a little bit maybe. So Breaststroke is taking that as a bit of good fortune and going forward with a hash ending at La Pool de Stroke. Gather at 2:00pm, off at 2:30pm for a suburban jaunt OTP, starting at Fuller's Park, 3499 Robinson Road, in Marietta. When you get to the park, stay to the left and park past the tennis courts around the Rec Center. Trail will be a little over 3 miles depending on the floodwaters. Who knows, it could be a floating hash. We'll be joint with Atlanta, so there will be shitty beer if that's your pleasure. Bring your swimmies, towels, dry clothes and really really good sense of humor. Really.
#1581 - This date is available. Sign up soon.
Watch this space!
#1582 - Breaststroke's Red Top Mountain Park Trail
DIRECTIONS TO CAMPGROUND (Google 101 Webster Ferry Landing, Cartersville, GA 30121) or: Head north on I-75 N to Exit 285, Red Top Mountain Rd, Turn right onto Red Top Mountain Rd, go 2.6 mi, Sharp left onto Webster Ferry Landing and go .5 mi, Turn left into campground.
#1583 - Shiggy Pitts and secret mystery co-hare (Love Canal)
Saturday! Saturday! Many will die! The start is Haygood Memorial United Methodist Church, 1015 Rock Springs Road 30306. Trail is leashed dog friendly. Bring usual hash gear -- dry shoes and shirt, chair, deet, water, first aid kit, snake bite antivenom, etc. The On After is Body Glide's Hootenanny.
#1582 - Double Suck hares a pre-Strut hash (Note earlier times)
The start is the Glenwood Kroger, 800 Glenwood Avenue 30316. Gather at 12:00, out at 12:30 so as to end in time to participate in the nearby East Atlanta Strut. Bring usual hash stuff -- dry shirt and shoes, chair, deet, snake antivenom, helmet, flashlight.
#1583 - Pridelake Hash - Tailgunner & Easy Cheeks
#1584 - Pride Lake Hash - Tailgunner
Watch this space!
#1598 - Hared by Breaststroke [UPDATED location link]
#1599 - Our hares are Lick Hole A and Debbie Does Digits
Bring usual hash stuff -- dry clothes and shoes, sun block, snakebite kit, etc. It'll be hot.
#1600!!! Hared by Pissticide and secret mystery hare (Breaststroke)
Hash update: We have a pool ending, so bring swimsuits, towels, etc. There will be food, and a fabulous giveaway. There will be a Turkey/Eagle split -- approx. two miles for the Turkeys, three and a half or so for the Eagles. The cost is $10 per hasher, $6 of you do not consume our alcoholic beverages. Hash update: No dogs. In respect to our pool providing host, please do not bring your doggie.
#1601: Head Nurse hares Erection Master's 60th Birthday Trail
Our hash venue was formally known as Camp Hedon Special Intstuctions: Mostly wooded trail with T& E split, beer stop and all the other wonderful hashing elements you can imagine. There is a POOL ending with food being provided. This trail is not doggie friendly (pool ending). Veggie options too. Cake, Titty flashes and Spankings for the Birthday Boy. Then a dance party at a neighbors Tiki Bar around 6ish or when the Hash beer runs out. Plan to hang out for a while if you can. What to bring: Celebratory excitement and attitude. The usual hash stuff and things appropriate in the above description. If you do not know what that means: Swim suit & towel, Dry clothes and shoes, Camp chair, bug spray, sunscreen, any any other items for your general comfort. Plan to stay and go dancing.
#1602 - hared by Busted Cherry
There are two ways to get the start: 1) Put your boat in Lake Allatoona, or rent one already there. Drive it to 34.152281, -84.700412. Or, 2) Go north on I-75 to Exit 278 and follow your GPS to 101 Webster Ferry Landing, Emerson, GA. Turn left into gravel driveway near sign that says Pioneer Camp. Special Instructions. There will be a water ending. Bring your water wings or whatever water toy that PhucEye may want to molest. Feel free to show up anytime after 1 pm Friday, and stay for the best Sunday Hashes. There will be a hot grill at the end. Bring whatever vittles you may want to throw on it, or an extra $5 to eat whatever vittles that may be provided. Cost. $8. $13 if you want to eat something off the grill that you didn't bring yourself.
#1604: Shiggy's (76th) Birthday Trail with two, count 'em, two secret mystery co-hares
#1605 hared by Body Glide and Little Willie
It was mid September and two aging rock and roll dudes went looking for the last shiggy inside the perimeter. This was an epic journey of multiple recce’s and almost as many dead ends. Our intrepid explorers continued. What lies before you on this 21st day of September is the culmination of those epic fails. Bring dry shoes, a towel, a chair, hobo repellent, all the normal hash sh*t. Leave Fido behind. Many will die. But then again, only the good die young.
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23rd Anal PineLake/Atlanta Christmas Hash!
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Image GIF image bstroke
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Hashes & Events
Upcumming Hashes and Events for Pinelake Hash
AH4/PH3 Halloweenie Joint Trail! Candler Park ‘hood!
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Annual Joint Christmas Hash -- Breaststroke, Bullshit and Dribbles
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Asspump McQueen, MenTaNite and (secret mystery co-hare) Little Willie
Listen up Dipshits! If you thought our last hash was awful, prepare yourself. This one is going to be the worst one EVER. We are commemorating the pre-memorial of Hasher Chuck Zegley AKA MenTaNite who will be leaving us the next weekend for DC (LAME!). One thing if for sure, if you make it you are getting piss yourself drunk. Trail might be dog friendly, we could get the cops called on us (again). public intoxication will not be optional. Meet at 3100 Mount Olive Dr, Decatur, GA 30033 at 2:PM not so sharp, depart at 2:30. Bring your friends, tell everyone you know. This is one event you'd be better off missing but shouldn't. I guess clean clothes or something is a good idea. On after at the brewery bus tour!
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