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Hashes & Events

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Pinelake #1389-- Breaststroke


Pinelake #1389-- Breaststroke - Read More…

#1537 Lick Hole A

Start: DFCS Office 178 Sams Street Decatur, GA 30030

#1537 Lick Hole A - Read More…

#1565 - BAMA's Nature Hash

Start: Cherokee Bluffs Park, 5867 Blackjack Rd, Flowery Branch, Georgia 30542. BAMA says: OK you bunch of Half-Minds. The weather has finally turned off sufficiently decent and I hauled my big ass up off the couch and decided to go scout where I am going to lay this shitty trail. It's a little off of the beaten path, but I think it's worth it. One thing is for sure, when you leave the parking lot, your precious little footsies will not touch asphalt, concrete, or any other paved surface. This trail has a little of bit of everything, hills, bluffs, creeks, even an auto hash for the last leg of the trip to ON-IN. What more could you want? This trail would also be a great trail to bring a virgin and get them introduced to hashing. Special Notes: 1. This trail will be dog friendly (meaning that they are allowed in the park on a leash). 2. Trail will be 3ish miles and will include steep grades, creek crossings (ankleish deep), and probably some log crossings over some other ditches and creeks. 3. There will be a decent number of muggles there, but I imagine I can miss most of those. 4. ON-IN will be at the Casa de Bama. 5. There will be southwestern themed food for you to eat there (which is my way of saying taco/burrito bar). Also, if you are a non meat eater, PM me so I can make sure to have things available that never had a pulse. 6. I may or may not get you wet on trail, so bring some dry stuff to wear after trail. 7. There will be fire available for closing circle and your pyrotechnic desires once circle is finished. 8. There will also probably be flippy cup and maybe even 3 man available after circle as well. If you don't know what either of those are, you should probably get out and travel hash more :-) 9. There will definitely be good bourbon at ON-IN. 10. There is limited crash space available, should you not wish to drive back home, or if you just get a little to swasted. Other than that, nothing special to note. See you half minds Saturday

#1565 - BAMA's Nature Hash - Read More…

#1567 - Chin Chin Chiller and Dr. Bombadier

Start at the Kroger on Glenwood -- 800 Glenwood Ave. SE 30316, No special instructions. Bring dry clothes, a chair, etc. Trail ends at a home.

#1567 - Chin Chin Chiller and Dr. Bombadier - Read More…

Hashes & Events

Upcumming Hashes and Events for Pinelake Hash

Hashes & Events - Read More…

Asspump McQueen, MenTaNite and (secret mystery co-hare) Little Willie

Listen up Dipshits! If you thought our last hash was awful, prepare yourself. This one is going to be the worst one EVER. We are commemorating the pre-memorial of Hasher Chuck Zegley AKA MenTaNite who will be leaving us the next weekend for DC (LAME!). One thing if for sure, if you make it you are getting piss yourself drunk. Trail might be dog friendly, we could get the cops called on us (again). public intoxication will not be optional. Meet at 3100 Mount Olive Dr, Decatur, GA 30033 at 2:PM not so sharp, depart at 2:30. Bring your friends, tell everyone you know. This is one event you'd be better off missing but shouldn't. I guess clean clothes or something is a good idea. On after at the brewery bus tour!

Asspump McQueen, MenTaNite and (secret mystery co-hare) Little Willie - Read More…

Black Rock Campout

Pinelake hashes with Black Sheep for the Black Rock Campout weekend.

Black Rock Campout - Read More…

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